Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How i did it

As the years pass's by

As bux arrive at the second birthday, they have learn't so much from the past 24 months. They've taken everything they learnt and more into the new script. They have figured out what are the next challenges they will be facing, the next mountain to climb to go to the next level is managing the finances of the investors money and controlling it, consistently and securely. So what are these next challenges you ask well its better to put it in perspective?

There changes will include a Bux Reload within the new script with a brand new look and features, helping us to speed up payments. PayBux, own alternative payment processor for businesses and end-users, a solution to avoid problems users are currently facing. They need to improve publicity, making there selfs known worldwide both online and offline. Stronger connection and supporting Non-Profit Organizations.

To the Staff

Is was brought to the attention to the staff by the account holders. They stated it wasn't a good idea to give them useful information instead of proofs of payment at the news update. Nowadays you simple copy and paste some forum messages from payment proofs and use that as an information news topic for your members. We're not waiting for payment proofs of members whom joined later and requested later than us. There looking for a resolve not a ring around the posy.

Now there waiting for real news, good news, news of the schedule you guys working on, news of the payment delay and how you work on it. Use that news update for news and not for proofs of payment, they can find that else were. This tip, is one of the key facts of building a respectable media in business. Being honest toward your members is better than, look boys and girls we're paying. Be honest and tell the truth.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Many payments go out daily, new requests mixed with the older ones, to avoid that a new queue builds. If you are the honest member you stated, you will get staffed said they were sorry for the long wait. They can only confirm to you that things are getting done and are speeding up. Payments dep. do their very best to serve you, miracles are said to be myths, but we all work to create them. They ended it with a thank you very much for your patience, all members.

There was talk of instant payments, and why wasn't it implemented. The reason they will not do instant payments as they are trying to avoid paying cheaters. If they did instant payments, cheaters could get away with a lot of money without any auditing. And this is not a program that tolerates cheaters.

Small update Ltd. is fully aware of the need to make payments to members who have been waiting a long time. These payments tend to be larger and require more audit work. Over the next few weeks members will see an increase in the number of these payments. The frustration some members feel waiting for a payment is understood. All honest, legitimate members will be paid, but members who attack Ltd. cannot expect to be paid ahead of those who wait patiently. Attacking and trying to damage Ltd. only slows the payment process.

Members are asked to watch the next few weeks, check the payment proofs and success stories and see for themselves the older payments being cleared. continues to offer the opportunity, to all honest members, to earn money at a time when the world economy. It is said actions speak loader then words so the account holders wait patiently to see the results of this policy. We once thought this would change peoples daily lives and some actually left there jobs, but what online investment has showed us its just as risky as the stock market.

It has reached the stage where is able to update members on payment issues. Members are well aware of the difficulties of the last 12 months with DDOS attacks, the scale of cheating using auto click for multiple accounts and the charge back issue, relating to the fraudulent use of credit cards and also canceling credit card payments, after receiving a cashout. This all lead to the need to carry out a huge database audit. Consequently, 1000's of members were suspended. The exercise still continues, but is fair to say the majority of cheaters are now suspended.

They have implicated that there will be a high volume in account holders that will be leaving a statement of payment. There has been a huge increase in the number of payments in the last few months. 1000's of payments have been made in the last 14 days. All payments are made through either Alertpay or Payoneer and can be verified, the payment proofs, success stories and the testimonials all reflect the increased payments. So after a bit of uncertainty success, a light is shined and hope for the PTC cite is restored.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Arthur's Podcast

This is a small presentation of how the media have changed and how the internet has opened new gateways of opportunity. Its practically feasible to live within your own home and never have to leave. That leads to business online such as, supply demand, stocks and investments.